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UNeTe Bylaws


The name of the organization shall be UNeTe:The Latina\o Faculty and Staff Alliance


Section A. Eleemosynary. The organization is designed to support, assist, and encourage Latina\o faculty and staff at UNT.

Section B. General Purposes. UNeTe’s purposes relate primarily to support, assist, and encourage Latina\o faculty and staff at UNT and include:

  1. Recognizing, promoting and publicizing professional achievements and cultural events;
  2. Increasing the visibility of Latinas\os at UNT by working with community organizations;
  3. Advocating for the resolution of issues that affect the Latino population at UNT;
  4. Assisting with the recruitment and retention of Latino faculty, staff and students;
  5. Supporting the Latino faculty, staff, and students;
  6. Supporting the Latino student organizations on campus;
  7. Supporting and helping promote the Latina\o Mexican American Studies Program (LMAS) and similar programs;
  8. Promoting interdisciplinary collaboration for research and publications on Latino issues;
  9. Promoting and ensuring representation of Latino faculty and students in task forces, committees, and other key activities at UNT.

Section C. Prohibition. No substantial part of the activities of the organization shall be the carrying on of partisan political campaign propaganda and shall not participate in, or intervene in (including the publishing or distribution of statements) any political campaign on behalf of or in opposition to any candidate for public office, except for bipartisan issues that may affect the organization.

Section D. Compliance with UNT. The organization shall operate under the rules and regulations established by UNT to be in compliance with the local, state, and the federal government.


Section A. Membership Defined. The privilege of membership in UNeTe is voluntary and is available to all persons and groups at UNT that interested in supporting UNeTe's purposes, are willing to abide by these bylaws, and who make payment of annual membership dues. A member in good standing shall meet the applicable requirements set forth in Sections B and C, shall be current in dues payment, and shall be entitled to vote.

Section B. Categories of Membership. Membership shall consist of the following categories: Faculty Members and Staff Members.

Section C. Membership Dues. The annual membership dues and membership applications shall be collected by the treasurer at the beginning of each academic year in August and it will be effective until the end of the academic year in July.

  1. Faculty: Shall pay $25 annual dues
  2. Staff: Shall pay $20 annual dues


Section A. Executive Board. UNETE shall be governed by an Executive Board comprised of five elected or appointed team leaders from the following positions: UNeTe CAMPUS COORDINATOR TEAM, UNeTe COORDINATOR TEAM, HISTORIAN/ARCHIVIST TEAM, PUBLICITY AND PROMOTIONS TEAM, COMMUNITY AND MEDIA TEAM

Section B. Election of Officers. The Executive Board shall select from among themselves its officers until the membership of the organization reaches at least 20 in order to conduct elections.

Section C. Election of Officers. The authority of the Executive Board shall extend to all matters of the operation of the organization. The Board shall also have the authority to develop new policies in regards to criteria for membership, period of membership, annual dues, qualifications of its officers, formation of committees, and possess the authority to adopt and amend these bylaws in consultation with its members.

Section D. Election of Officers. Any vacancy occurring on the Executive Board may be filled for the unexpired term by a vote of a simple majority of the remaining members of the Executive Board.

Section E. Election of Officers.

  1. COMMUNITY AND MEDIA TEAM (a leader with a team): going to community meetings (LULAC, churches, media), finding community events that we can participate in, find ways to bring potential students and others to UNT—basically the EXTERNAL face of UNeTe
  2. UNeTe CAMPUS COORDINATOR TEAM (a leader with a team): serves as the principal point of contact on campus, advocate to administrators, and would address student recruitment and retention issues—basically the INTERNAL face of UNeTe; also oversees the groups funds, including seeking and keeping track of monies
  3. HISTORIAN/ARCHIVIST TEAM (a leader with a team): will document UNeTe activities (e.g., photographing/filming events) and responsible for meeting minutes
  4. PUBLICITY AND PROMOTIONS TEAM (a leader with a team): while this person may not be responsible for making all of the flyers, they will act as liaison to programs on campus to help ensure that publicity is given for events; would also be responsible for UNeTe’s web and social media presence
  5. UNeTe COORDINATOR TEAM (a leader with a team): responsible for collecting agenda items and distributing agenda prior to each meeting; also coordinates the rotation of facilitators who run each meeting; keeps a master calendar of all UNeTe and related events; follows up with teams on particular projects; facilitates the annual retreat that sets the agenda for the upcoming year

Section F. Meetings. The Executive Board Members shall meet monthly an hour prior to the general membership the first Friday of each month. Meetings can take place via telephone conference call or Skype. Meetings shall be called by the UNeTe Campus Coordinator with at least a five-day reminder. All meetings of the Executive Board shall be open to all members in good standing. The Executive Board may, by simple majority vote, close any portion of an Executive Board meeting to non-Board members to discuss confidential matters.

Section G. Quorum.A quorum of the Executive Board shall consist of at least 2/3 of Board Members. Proxy voting shall not be permitted at meetings of the Executive Board.

Section H. Removal. Any member or officer of the Executive Board may be removed from the Board for misfeasance, malfeasance, nonfeasance or non-attendance, missing 2 meetings per semester or 4 per year, in the performance of his or her duties as Board Member. Such removal shall be at a regular meeting of the Executive Board, and upon a vote of the five Board members, provided that a notice of the proposed removal shall have been sent by mail, certified or registered if possible, to the last recorded address of such member or officer at least fifteen (15) days before final action is taken on such removal. The member or officer shall have the opportunity to present any relevant information, in writing, in person, or through a representative, to the Executive Board Members before final action is taken.


Section A. Nomination of Candidates. Qualified candidates for the Executive Board may be nominated for in one of two ways:

  1. By appointment decided within the Executive Board Members at its May meeting before the academic year ends.
  2. By nomination using a written petition from any member in good standing.

Section B. Qualifications of Candidates. Candidates for the Executive Board must be members in good standing, and must have been members in good standing for one year prior to their appointment or nomination.

Section C. Representation. For the purposes of nominations, elections, and appointments, there shall be representation from at least one faculty member and one staff member. We are committed to having a Board representing a variety of academic Departments, divisions, or a units.

Section D. Nominating Procedure. To be considered as candidates to the Executive Board, nominating written petitions must be received by an assigned nominating committee in May and before the beginning of the academic year. There will be no limitation on the number of candidates nominated as long as there are at least 20 individuals that comprise the membership.

Section E. Elections. Elections shall be carried out by electronic ballot sent to all the membership by the chair of the nominating committee only if at least 20 individuals comprise the membership.

Section F. Selection of Winners. The positions of Executive Board Members shall be filled by the candidates receiving the highest number of votes for the available positions if an election takes place. The votes will be counted by the nominations’ committee.

Section G. Committees. The organization will name committees as needed and will include the following committees: Nominating Committee, Ad-Hoc Student Committee, LMAS Committee.


Section A. Amendments. An amendment may be an addition, a deletion, or a change to these Bylaws.

Section B. Procedures for Amendments. Amendments may be proposed by an Executive Board member or a member in good standing. Proposed amendments to these Bylaws shall be submitted in writing to the President, reviewed and clarified by the Executive Board Members and distributed electronically to all members thirty (30) days prior to the annual retreat to obtain their vote.

Section C. Adoption of Amendments. Approval of any proposed amendments to these Bylaws may be accomplished by a simple majority electronic vote of the membership. Successful amendments shall become effective sixty (60) days after adoption.