Dialogue-Based Programming

Our dialogue based programs provide an opportunity for participants to learn from others’ perspectives through a structured curriculum or discussion questions.

Unlikely Allies

Unlikely Allies Series: Based upon the book Unlikely Allies in the Academy: Women of Color and White Women in Conversation, this multi-module series creates opportunities for intragroup and intergroup dialogue with the goal of cultivating bonding and bridging capital among UNT employees. Piloted in the fall of 2016, the series began with campus visits from the book’s editor and contributors and evolved into a dialogue-based curriculum exploring commonalities and barriers that affect coalition building.

Tent Talks

Tent Talks: Conducted during the academic year, Tent Talks provide an informal, come-and go-opportunity for members of the UNT community to share their perspectives through themed discussion questions aligned with programming in the Multicultural Center, Pride Alliance, and our campus partners. Generally held during the first week of every month, Tent Talks are held on the Library Mall and at Discovery Park.