Equal Opportunity Training Request Form

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Training Type
EO offers in-person training on matters related to equal opportunity and discrimination.

  • Title IX / Preventing Sexual Misconduct: Covers the various forms of sexual misconduct (including sexual harassment), the obligation to report, bystander intervention and the university’s response
  • General EEO Principles: Covers various forms of discrimination (including racial, gender-related, age, religion), prevention tactics and acceptable methods of response
  • Faculty Search Committee Training: Covers the issues of equity and diversity that must be considered in recruitment of new employees, including writing a job description, posting a job announcement, reviewing applicants and interviewing candidates (If you need staff, please contact campus HR)

Training Workshop Participants

(Please note, we prefer to limit our group sizes to 30 people. We are more than happy to offer additional dates and times to accommodate larger groups.)

Training Workshop Logistics

Please note, EO is open and available to provide any needed trainings. Provide a date, time, and location you would like the training to take place.
Location MUST be AV capable. Our trainer will only bring a flash drive with them to the training.
(OEO training typically lasts one hour. Please indicate if you would like a longer training.)