Pride Alliance Awards and Scholarships

LGBTQ & Ally Scholarship
This scholarship is in honor of Mary Finley and Dan Emenheiser. The need for safe spaces prompted the creation of UNT’s Ally Training program. Dan Emenheiser, Mary Finley, and Sue Young, consulting with a team of faculty and staff from various departments on the UNT campus (including the Division of Institutional Equity and Diversity, University Union, Student Development, Human Resources, Housing and Residence Life and Public Affairs and Information Services), launched the Ally Training program in the spring of 1999.

Dr. Enedelia Sauceda Award for Supporting Student Wellness

In 2019, the Pride Alliance announced its first ever award, named in honor of the inaugural recipient, Dr. Enedelia Sauceda.

The Pride Alliance awards the Dr. Enedelia Sauceda Award annually to a faculty, staff, or a community member who have made significant contributions toward supporting Queer and Trans students’ mental health and wellness. Those selected to receive the award contribute their time, energy, and care not just in working with students but in advocating for systemic change. As a Licensed Psychologist at Counseling and Testing Services, Dr. Sauceda serves as the Liaison for the Multicultural Center and the Pride Alliance. In her roles. Dr, Sauceda shares her vulnerability, knowledge, and thoughtfulness with Queer and Trans students, in many cases saving lives with her actions and words. In addition to her prowess as a counselor, Dr. Sauceda engages Queer and Trans community organizations, partners with other offices to ensure Queer and Trans students receive care, and serves as fierce advocate for students most likely to face violence as they access resources. Future recipients of the Dr. Enedelia Sauceda Award for Supporting Student Wellness can hope to continue Dr. Sauceda’s legacy.