Pride Alliance History

The Pride Alliance opened on October 11, 2013 on National Coming Out Day. The creation of the Pride Alliance was one of the final plumes in Dr. Gilda Garcia's cap, who served as Vice President for the Division of Institutional Equity and Diversity, before her departure in March 2013. The Pride Alliance was created to provide a campus office to specialize in resources on gender and sexuality and a safe space for marginalized orientations, gender identities, intersex, and questioning students. The Pride Alliance began as a branch of the Multicultural Center and worked to focus more closely on the topics of gender and sexual orientation, which are part of the Multicultural Center’s five areas of focus. In June of 2014, the Pride Alliance became an independent and fully staffed office that was located in Sage Hall 328, with a Student Services Coordinator, Administrative Coordinator, and a Student Assistant. The Pride Alliance gained a second Student Assistant in Spring of 2015, and a third Student Assistant, specifically devoted to graphic design, in Summer 2015. As the Pride Alliance grew, the office needed more staff members to better serve the UNT community. In Fall 2015, a new Director position was created for the office and the Pride Alliance reached its current full staff of Director, Student Services Coordinator, Administrative Coordinator, and three student assistants.