Religious Observances

The University of North Texas is required to accommodate student and employees’ sincerely held religious observances or practices, unless the accommodation would impose an undue hardship on the work or business of the University. Federal law protects religious beliefs and non-beliefs, and this includes beliefs that are not associated with an organized religion. A reasonable religious accommodation is any adjustment to the work or educational environment that will allow the employee or student to practice their religion. This includes flexible scheduling, flexible deadlines, voluntary substitutions, modification of grooming requirements and other practices, policies or procedures.

Employees, please contact Human Resources to request religious accommodations. Supervisors, please contact EO if you have questions about implementing a religious accommodation or responding to a request for a religious accommodation. Faculty members and supervisors may not request proof from a student or employee that they observe the tenets of a religion.

A list of major religious observances is provided below. Please note that it is not an exhaustive list, and students or employees may request accommodations to observe religious holidays that are not on this list. If you would like to request for a religious or cultural observance to be added or edited, please submit the information through our secure form:



Name of Holiday Religion Dates Days of the Week Learn More
* Holidays listed below begin at sundown on the previous day.
Muharram (Al Hijri - New Year) * Muslim 8/21/20 Friday Read More
Rosh Hashanah * Jewish 9/18/20 - 9/20/20 Friday - Sunday Read More
Mabon/Autumnal Equinox Pagan, Wiccan 9/22/20 Tuesday Read More
Yom Kippur * Jewish 9/28/20 Wednesday Read More
Sukkot * Jewish 10/03/20 - 10/09/20 Saturday - Friday Read More
Shemini Atzeret * Jewish 10/10/20 Saturday Read More
Simchat Torah * Jewish 10/11/20 Sunday Read More
Navaratri/Dussehra Hindu 10/17/20 - 10/26/20 Saturday - Monday Read More
Birth of Báb* Bahá’í 10/18/20 Sunday Read More
Birth of Bahá’u’lláh* Bahá’í 10/19/20 Monday Read More
Mawlid al-Nabi (birthday of Muhammad) * Muslim 10/29/20 Thursday Read More
Samhain Pagan, Wiccan 10/31/20 Saturday Read More
Diwali Hindu 11/14/20 Saturday Read More
Hanukkah/Chanukah * Jewish 12/11/20 - 12/18/20 Friday - Friday Read More
Yule/Midwinter/Winter Solstice Pagan, Wiccan 12/21/20 - 1/01/21 Monday - Friday Read More
Christmas Christian 12/25/20 Friday Read More
Gantan-sai Shinto 1/01/21 Friday Read More
Epiphany/Twelfth Night/Three Kings Day Christian 1/06/21 Wednesday Read More
Christmas (Orthodox) Orthodox Christian 1/7/21 Thursday Read More
Imbolc/Candlemas Pagan, Wiccan 2/1/21 - 2/2/21 Monday-Tuesday Read More
Setsubun-sai Shinto 2/3/21 Wednesday Read More
Chinese New Year Confucian/Taoist/Buddhist 2/12/21 Friday Read More
Ash Wednesday/Beginning of Lent Christian 2/17/21 Wednesday Read More
Purim * Jewish 2/27/21 Saturday Read More
Maha Shivaratri Hindu 3/11/21 Thursday Read More
Beginning of Lent (Clean Monday) Orthodox Christian 3/15/21 Monday Read More
Ostara/Spring Equinox Pagan, Wiccan 3/20/21 - 3/22/21 Saturday - Monday Read More
Naw Rúz * Bahá’í 3/20/21 Saturday Read More
Passover/Pesach * Jewish 3/28/21 - 4/04/21 Sunday - Sunday Read More
Holi Hindu 3/28/21 Sunday Read More
Magha Puja Day Buddhism 3/28/21 Sunday Read More
Palm Sunday Christian 3/28/21 Sunday Read More
Maundy (or Holy) Thursday Christian 4/01/21 Thursday Read More
Good Friday Christian 4/02/21 Friday Read More
Easter Christian 4/04/21 Sunday Read More
Buddha Day/Visakha Puja Buddhist 4/08/21 Thursday Read More
Yom HaShoah * Jewish 4/09/21 Thursday Read More
Ramadan * Muslim 4/13/21 - 5/11/21 Tuesday Read More
Vaisakhi Sikh 4/13/21 Tuesday Read More
First Day of the Ridván Festival * Bahá’í 4/20/21 Tuesday Read More
Rama Navami Hindu 4/21/21 Wednesday Read More
Ninth Day of the Ridván Festival * Bahá’í 4/28/21 Wednesday Read More
Holy Friday/Good Friday (Orthodox) Orthodox Christian 4/30/21 Friday Read More
Beltane Pagan, Wiccan 5/01/21 Saturday Read More
Twelfth Day of the Ridván Festival * Bahá’í 4/28/21 Wednesday Read More
Easter (Pascha) Orthodox Christian 5/02/21 Sunday Read More
Laylat al-Qadr * Muslim 5/09/21 Sunday Read More
Eid al-Fitr * Muslim 5/13/21 Thursday Read More
Shavuot * Jewish 5/17/21 Monday Read More
Declaration of the Báb * Bahá’í 5/23/21 Sunday Read More
Ascension of Bahá’u’lláh * Bahá’í 5/28/21 Friday Read More
Martyrdom of the Báb * Bahá’í 7/9/21 Friday Read More